Further observations from my first days at work

In case anyone is wondering, yes this is really a fantastic, superlative building. Every morning, hundreds of people make their way up the escalators to the 6th floor and then take the express elevators to the higher levels.

Below are some further pictures of The Center in the centre of Hong Kong, but before I share them with you, some more observations from my first few days working here:

  • People don’t seem to be in a rush to get to work or leave work – whenever there are people on an escalator, they stand. They don’t walk. Often they stand together, next to each other on the same step and if I am trying to pass them, they don’t move. Weird. I noticed this at the airport too, where they had the horizontal escalators. In London everyone just runs on them, trying to move as quickly as possible, but here, everyone stood still
  • If someone rushes through a door in front of you, they are not keen on pushing the door wider open for the next person. It’s more like “I don’t want to touch this door, it could be dirty, so let me squeeze through and the person behind me can do what he/she wants”. This is really strange, everything is being cleaned and disinfected a couple of times a day. The door handles are probably cleaner than the mugs in the kitchen!
  • However, if you are rushing to get into an elevator which is about to leave everyone is really friendly and holds the door wide open for you. Everyone smiles and waits patiently for additional passengers to board – and every Chinese person boarding the elevator will press the ‘close door’ switch to ensure the elevator will close its doors as soon as the last person has arrived. Weird, how comes everyone is impatient waiting in an elevator but not in an escalator?!

The centre is the building with the purple lighting, to the right.

Victoria Peak 7 View Nighttime Central Centre ICC


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