Beware of the rabbits…

Now that Christmas and New Year is over, the decorations are removed (every day I find more and more tree needles in our elevator, proof that one more Christmas tree has died…) and one would think, that’s it. It’s quiet now. No carnival or Fasching decorations are being put up, because this is not celebrate here in Hong Kong.

However, surprisingly, rabbits started to appear everywhere. A lot of shopping windows are already decorated with rabbits in all kind of forms and colours. How surprising, are we already starting to celebrate Easter? This would be a little too early for me, but who knows – maybe other traditions.

Talking about traditions, this is when I remembered it. Chinese New Year is coming up, their biggest event of the year. And we are entering the year of the… RABBIT. Of course, it all makes sense now. Why have I not thought about this earlier?

Now it makes sense that Swarovski is advertising special rabbits:

And that you can also get your limited edition MTR card with a special rabbit logo:


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