I always enjoy going to Muji, even just to look around… The shop is so well organised and you are always likely to find things that you need, but you would not have thought of looking for. In Harbour City (massive shopping complex in Kowloon) was a big Muji store. The biggest I’ve ever seen.

I managed to find coasters for our new coffee table, hooks to hang up our kitchen equipment and little candlelight holders (always so handy) – but what impressed me the most was the section with food.

I had no idea that Muji sells food except for tea. But in Asia, Muji has a huge selection of Japanese foods and drinks. A lot of people (some of them Japanese looking) actually went to Muji just to buy food.

Looking around the food section I found incredible food from blooming flower tea over Swiss-style biscuit rolls to instant miso and ramen noodles in (to me) unknown flavours.

Most surprising, were these two (extreme) dishes:

  1. Baumkuchen – even spelt this way! Clearly Japanese people love Baumkuchen and they must have learned how to make them from German people. We bought two, one traditionally flavoured and the other with orange marmalade. We had the latter and it was delicious. Just 12 HKD (1,20 Euros for a decent slice that two of us could enjoy). We’ll be back.
  2. Squid snacks – I guess we have to live here longer to appreciate this. It sounded weird and did not look nice. I am often up for trying new foods, but this one is not on my high priority list!

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