Azure rooftop terrace

Saturday evening we’ve been to a rooftop bar in Hong Kong – there are hundreds around, and the majority offer a breathtaking view, especially in the evening.

Located on the top two floors of Hotel LKF is Azure – a restaurant and a lounge. When we first arrived I thought this is not spectacular, there is a small terrace out on the back of the (what I thought) was the top level, the 29th floor. This rooftop area was nice, but small and packed.

However, suddenly after midnight, someone tells me that we can go up to the 30th floor, the real rooftop. You had to get a fresh drink from the bar and then you could walk up the stairs to a huge open space on the top of the building. There is not a bar upstairs (hence you have to get a drink downstairs) but a lovely view of the surrounding area. It makes up for all the bad 80music played on full power in the party room on the 29th floor.


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