Chinese New Year: Flower markets

Around Chinese New Year flower markets traditionally spring up in various locations around the city selling not only horticultural products but also pets, fireworks & lucky charms for the new year.

Victoria Park CNY Flower Market 2012-20

I’ve been told it’s tradition to go to a flower market before the old year ends, and buy flowers for the new year. For Chinese New Year celebrations, it is customary for Chinese families to have living blooms in the house, which symbolise rebirth and new growth. The Chinese believe that without flowers, there would be no formation of any fruits, which, in turn, would negatively impact a family’s fortune. Therefore, it’s critical to incorporate flowers into your Chinese New Year decorations.

The most prominent colors of the Chinese New Year are red and gold. Red symbolises happiness, while gold symbolises wealth. Prior to the first day of the Chinese New Year, many families decorate their living rooms with vases of pretty flowering blossoms – and they tend to choose azaleas, peonies, and water lilies.

The plants are often arranged together.  I’ve seen some bright orchids, often 5-6, planted in one big pot, all in full blossom and all with their heads tilted to one side. I’ve bought one orange/purple orchid for myself, so hopeful this will bring me enough good luck for the next year!


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