Drinks on the rooftop terrace of Sevva

Yesterday evening we decided to enjoy some drinks on the rooftop terrace of Sevva. This is a bar/restaurant on the 25th floor of the Prince’s Building, right in the heart of the Central district. It is next to the Landmark building, very close to the Bank of China, HSBC and Standard Chartered.

We were lucky that it was still early and we got a table outside, right next to the HSBC building.. It was a lovely atmosphere, a fairly warm evening, a not too crowded bar, great drinks and good company. There was some jazz music (CD) playing in the background and we enjoyed our drinks, while watching the Symphony of Lights light and laser show at 8pm.

It’s a pretty convenient location to watch the laser and light show – you can actually see both sides. The Kowloon side as well as the three big buildings Bank of China, HSBC and Standard Chartered on the Hong Kong Island side. You can see the different laser beams across the harbour, and all the little ships and ferries in between the two sides of Hong Kong. Very scenic view, would you not agree?

5 responses to “Drinks on the rooftop terrace of Sevva

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  2. this looks amazing…what time did you arrive at sevva? and did you go during a weekday? i’d love to go there someday..but not when its packed with people!

    • Thanks – I’ve been twice already, both on a weekend and in the early evening (from 6pm to 9pm). Saturday in Feb was pretty packed, but it was still cold so some people stayed inside. Sunday in May was hot, but we were surprised by the lack of people. Seems Sunday evening is less popular for drinks at Sevva, but we might have been lucky.

      I’ve never been during the week, but I’ve heard that it can be very crowded. So your best bet is probably on the weekend or Monday/Tuesday evening! Enjoy!

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