HK Island, Neighbourhoods

First visit to Stanley

Stanley is a town in Hong Kong. It is located on a peninsula on the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island. It is east of Repulse Bay and west of Shek O.

We took the 260 Express bus from the Central Bus Terminus to get there – it cost us 10,60 HKD and about 25 minutes ride on the bus. This is the quickest option to get there, as the bus takes the short cut through the tunnel (next to Happy Valley) rather than going through Aberdeen.

When we arrived in Stanley it was early afternoon – and it was packed. The streets were filled with tourists and locals, either sitting in one of the cafes and restaurants at the water side or strolling through the market.

The market does not sell food but it sells souvenirs, pictures, clothing for Westerners – and it seems a busy place, with lots of people shopping and buying goods.

We walked past the market to the Blake Pier and the Murray House – and back again. On the way back we climbed up the steps, visited a small temple and then walked past some houses, where ceramics were being sold.

We noticed some lovely fake Xian soldiers – just a little too big to carry them back to Discovery Bay with us.

From there we walked to St. Stephen’s beach, enjoyed the view over to the centre of Stanley and took the bus back to Central.


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