Sunday movie: Black Swan

Yesterday we saw the movie Black Swan in the Palace Theater in the IFC. While the tickets are a little more expensive than in the Langham Place, this cinema is close to our ferry and the seats are actually more comfortable.

The movie started just after two trailers (one for a UK movie who had been running in the UK almost a year ago… ‘Another year’) and I was just caught up in it from the first minute.

It’s a good story, about a ballet dancer winning the lead in “Swan Lake” and being perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan but slowly losing her mind as she becomes more and more like the Black Swan. It’s extremely well played (the actors seem like real ballerinas) and directed in a fascinating way.

Not only is everything black and white and very much in two extremes, it’s also eerie with all the mirrors and glasses/windows that Nina keeps looking into and looking back at herself. More than once I was expecting something to happen and of course, sometimes Nina looks at herself in the mirror, something does happen… and if not, then she hallucinates about something happening.

As a viewer, we see everything from her point of view – so we don’t know what is real and what is not. Many things first seemed real to me, but after the movie was over – and looking back from the ending to the beginning, a lot of things that I was sure about are looking different now. I guess this is one of the movies (like The Sixth Sense) that get better and better by watching again and noticing all the little details.

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