Cantonese lesson 5

Finally some words and phrases that will be useful when taking a taxi/minibus or just asking for directions:

m4 goi1 heoi3… = please go to….

  • ni1 dou6 = here
  • ni1 go3 dei6 zi2 = this address
  • go2 dou6 = there

m4 goi1 zaa1… = please drive…

  • maan6 di1 = slower
  • faai3 di1 = faster

m4 goi1 ni1 dou6 ting4 = please stop here
m4 goi1 go2 dou6 ting4 = please stop there

m4 goi1 cin4 bin6 [location] ting4 = please stop in front of [location]
m4 goi1 gwo3 zou6 [location] ting4 = please stop after [location] (literally: go past something and stop then)

dang1 wai6 = traffic lights
gaai1 hau2 = intersection
zaam6 = station
dei6 tit3 = MTR/subway

m4 goi1 zik6 heoi3 = please go straight
m4 goi1 zyun3 zo2 = please turn left
m4 goi1 zyun3 jau6 = please turn right

m4 goi3 bei2 ngo5 sau1 geoi3 = please give me a receipt

m4 goi1 jau5 lok6 = please drop me off
m4 goi1 gwo3 zou6 [location] jau5 lok6 = please stop after [location]

ngo5 soeng2 heoi3 [name] zaam6… = I would like to go to [name] station

  • ting4 m4 ting4? = stop there?
  • ging1 m4 ging1 = go past there?

gei2 dim2 heoi3 = what time do you go?

Asking for directions
haang2 lou6 heoi3 dak1 m4 dak1? = Can I walk there (to this road)?
haang2 lou6 heoi3 jyun5 m4 jyun5 = Is it far to walk there?
jau5 ni1 dou6 heoi3 [location] jyun5 m4 jyun5 = Is it far from here?

ngo5 dong6 sat1 lou6 = I am lost

ceng2 man6 jau5 ni1 dou6 dim2 heoi3 [location] = Please excuse me, how do I get from here to [location]
daap3 gei2 do1 ho6 baa1 si6 heoi3 [location] = Which bus number goes to [location]?

Nei5 ho2 m4 ho2 yi5 daap3 ngo5 heoi3 [location] = Can you take me to [location]


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