Two doors, two different symbols

Can you guess what’s the difference between what lies behind this door…

… and what lies behind this door?

A tip: the symbols are different! So what lies behind the door will also be different, and in the case of the second symbol it’s for the typical Chinese toilet. This is a toilet for women, so don’t be mistaken by looking at this picture. Apparently it’s more hygienic, but if you are not used to it, it’s just so much more difficult to use!

I took the picture in the Hong Kong Park, this was the first time that I saw this type of toilet in Hong Kong. To date I had only seen in mainland China and associated it with China, not with Hong Kong… But maybe I missed the sign where it said: for mainland Chinese only!


2 responses to “Two doors, two different symbols

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  2. I’ve asked Chinese friends who grew up in Hong Kong what they think about these toilets, and they’ve all reacted with the same horror I do. They are no more hygeinic than the Western loo and often far less when people miss what they’re aiming for.

    I’ve been living in China for 2 years now and conciously avoid places with these toilets if there’s even the slightest hint I might need to use one in the next couple of hours. ***shudder***

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