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Po Fook Hill Ancestral Hall in Sha Tin

Can you guess what this is?

It looks like an escalator…

… and here is an elevator.

Strange, what could this place be? It’s actually a cemetery in Sha Tin. Po Fook Hill Ancestral Halls. We stumbled upon it by coincidence (no we are not fans of cemeteries, even if I just posted about the military cemetery in Stanley!) as we were looking for the temple of 10,000 buddhas.

Because of the temple and buddhas at the entrance and the pagoda in the centre, we were sure to be in the right place. But once we walked around the first few halls and noticed the name plates, it became obvious that we missed the entrance to the temple and walked into a big cemetery.

It’s an interesting place. First of all it is huge. Secondly it has buddhas and different gods and goddesses at the entrance – so to me it seems it is open to different religions (I might be wrong here). Thirdly, people not just leave flowers at the name plates, but also gifts in the form of food.

Sometimes this is just fruit, cake or sweets, but I’ve noticed other dishes too. Even Char Siu Fan, a typical Cantonese rice dish with meat – which is actually not allowed, as you are supposed to leave only vegetarian dishes behind. But maybe this particular deceased person was a big meat fan? Who knows, either way we’ve finally noticed that we were in the wrong place and found the right foot path to the temple with the 100,000 buddhas…


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