KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur

Just south of the Petronas Twin Towers is Menara KL Tower, which is situated on top of Bukit Nanas (Pineapple Hill), a forest reserve right in the heart of the city.

The KL Tower is a 421m high telecommunications and broadcasting tower which actually appears to be taller than the Petronas Towers, because it is built on a hill. Menara Kuala Lumpur ranks fourth amongst the tallest telecommunications towers in the world and was constructed over a period of four years and completed in 1996.

When you’re a travelling there, it’s best to take a taxi all the way – including to the top. However, if you walk to the tower from one of the MRT stations in the neighbourhood, you can take the free shuttle bus from the entrance gate – or you could just walk up to top. That’s what we did, it’s a 10 mins walk, but when it’s hot and sunny it might not be the best option.

The main public area and entrance is at the upper ground level. At this level there are 9 shops, a fast food restaurant, a mini-theatre , which shows a documentary on the construction of the tower (every 15 minutes) and an open-air amphitheatre. There are also public toilets (afterwards, once you are at the observation tower, you have to buy a ticket.

After you paid your ticket price (which unfortunately is a combined ticket, so they want you to visit some other attractions, like pony riding for children) you take the elevators to the top.

On clear days, the view is fantastic. You’ll have a much better view than at the Petronas Twin Towers, because you’re much higher now.

From the KL Tower, one can see the Genting Highlands, the Klang Valley and other buildings of Kuala Lumpur.


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