Pudding time

When it comes to pudding (or dessert) Hong Kong people love their put chai ko. This literally means little bowl pudding – and apparently one of the best is to be found at the corner of Wellington and D’Aguilar streets in Central. Lau Tik-Cheung and his family sell them from his hawker cart and office workers and delivery men stop to pick up a bowl.

Put chai ko originates in the Hakka community of Guangdong Province. It is a soft, palm size sweet pudding, placed in a small bowl (that’s where the name ‘put chai’ comes from). ‘Ko’ means puddings, made of white or yellow sugar, with red beans insides.

The pudding sits in its bowl, and when you order it, the pudding will be removed from the rice bowl with a pair of sticks as handles, like popsicles, and handed out.


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