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Review: L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

I know it has been a while, but I finally found this pictures again – so I still have to tell you about my lovely birthday lunch at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. This 2-Michelin-star restaurant is on the fourth floor of the Landmark building, so right in the heart of Central. I had expected it to be quite busy with business people meeting for lunch. However, when we arrived at 13.30 it was not that packed and we sat next to another couple and a group of female friends.

The seating is at a counter, surrounding an open-concept kitchen. The restaurant is decked in stylish and minimalist red, black, and chrome. The shiny classic black marble, dark wooden furniture, black leather counter seats is contrasted against the red and chrome. Glassed filled with yellow, red and green bell peppers were stacked at the side and over the top – and when we asked one of the cooks if the peppers were real, he took one out and said they’ve been delivered today. Not sure if this was true, but let’s believe him!

We were first served with amuse bouche in a shot glass. It was simple but palatable. The base was made up of tomato compote, the middle was soft-cream cheese flavoured with chives topped with freshly tossed croutons. Simple to make, few ingredients used and a refreshing taste.

As a starter we had a foie gras ravioli in warm chicken broth – which was lovely. A warm, rich broth with fresh herbs and a nice tasty ravioli. It was too doughy, just perfect.

The second starter was a salad, made out of asparagus and shrimps. Very light and refreshing. The vegetables were crisp and the shrimps were fresh. A nice dish, but not too difficult to cook and to assemble. So not necessarily something that I would expect from a 2-Michelin-star, but still nice to eat.

We had a soup-course, but it was a rich soup. Made with Parmesan, a poached egg, truffle shavings and a crisp on top:

I had to break the crisp and the egg, mix it all together and then enjoy it. A rich and smooth taste, with a nice creamy texture – only broken by crispy bits in between. I think this was the best dish out of all the ones we tried.

We had a meat dish (sorry no pictures) which was a lovely beef filet with mushrooms and a grilled sea bass with tempura aubergine, tomatoes, herbs and rucola leaves. The sea bass was very nice, a big portion and cooked to the point. Fresh fish, cooked to perfection – what else to expect!

One of the desserts was a lychee sorbet with rose syrup, biscuits and gold. Nice and refreshing, very light. Not my favourite dessert though, it tasted a little artificially to me (but rose-flavoured desserts always taste a little artificial to me).

But the macaroons were really nice!

How was the experience? Overall, a lovely birthday lunch. Good food served by very attentive staff – it was a nice experience. However, I do want to try other places in Hong Kong first, before going back.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
401, 4/f, The Landmark
Central, Tel 2166 9000


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