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Review: Brunch at Zuma

We have been twice now to the brunch at Zuma, the famous Japanese restaurant in the Landmark building. The restaurant itself is amazing and we’ve had a great dinner before – but so far the brunch experience has been mixed.

The first time we went in April 2011 it was a lot less crowded. We did not have to queue at the starter buffet and I felt that the service was much more attentive and forthcoming. This time we went in October 2011, unfortunately during the golden week (the main Chinese holiday week) so this could explain the larger amount of guests. What annoyed me the most is not only the queuing for starters, but that some dishes were finished too quickly and not replenished. I had seen soft shell crabs on the plates of a few guests but as soon as I queued up for them, they were gone. The noise level was also a lot louder the second time – and if we should be going a third time, I would try and sit outside (weather permitting).

But let me talk more about the whole brunch experience. It starts off with the drinks being included, you can have champagne, bellinis, red/white wine and/or sake and you’ve got between 11.30-13.00 (first seating) and 13.30-15.00 (second seating) to drink as much as you like, as it’s included in the $HK 550+ price tag. So no surprise that a lot of people drink quite a lot – we have even seen people falling asleep at their table, because of the amount of food and drink they had!

The starters are arranged buffet style in two sections. If you stand in front of it, the sushi and sashimi section is so your left. There are thick cuts of salmon, tuna, yellow fin and also fresh prawns plus all kinds of sushi including fried softshell crab, salmon roe, crab and crab stick. The sushi is of decent quality, but we’ve had better ones before.

To the right is the section with salads, bbq fish and meat, fresh oysters, tofu and miso soup. Some dishes are more traditional, others are interpreted more freely. Overall the food is nicely presented and quickly replenished.

For the mains you sit down, and you have the choice between steak, salmon, vegetables & prawn tempura or udon soup. The mains are served without sides, but after the starters buffet we were already full.

The staff will bring you the dessert platter once you are finished with the mains. It includes fresh fruit, ice cream (we loved the strawberry and cream flavour) and two cakes.

How was the experience? Overall, decent food but a little expensive and definitely too crowded. Time to try out other brunch places!

The Landmark, Level 5&6
15 Queen’s Road Central
Central, Hong Kong
Tel 3657 6388


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