Christmas decorations in our flat

Yes, you can get fake as well as real Christmas trees in Hong Kong, but I did not get one this year. Instead, I selected a few decorations for our flat, some bought and others home made.

The first set of decorations are 3D snowflakes made out of normal as well as origami paper. They are easy to make, I just followed this tutorial here and all it takes is some time, paper, scissors, glue and I also use staples to hold the six different pieces per snowflake together.

I also made a set of paper stars, which I had found on Annekata’s website. They are made out of wrapping paper and just hang on strings attached to the window frame.

The third set of decorations is store (well, more backstreet alley!) bought.

I got them from a side street next to Hollywood road and they are typically Chinese materials (enamel) but of course, with Western motives.

I really like them, the snowman bulbs, flower bulbs, Christmas decorations.

They have found a place on top of my dining area lamps.

I hope I can keep them for a few weeks (maybe pretend they are for Easter too!) as they look nice.

Plus my parents have arrived and they brought me some lovely home-made Christmas trees, that a friend has made for us. They hang next to Santa’s socks, which unfortunately are empty already!


2 responses to “Christmas decorations in our flat

  1. Merry Christmas, happy Holidays, Happy Hanuka! Lots of love to all of you, a special Hello and warm hugs to Salusha and Ruth.
    Ruth the decorations are beautiful! I love them!
    Wishing all of you a wonderful time together!
    I am in Houston with Michael’s family and having a great time with little Robert and Madeline.

    • Liebe Elfriede, Dir eine wunderschoene Zeit mit Michael und seiner Familie! Hoffe ihr habt schoen Weihnachten gefeiert! Lass Dich ganz lieb druecken und von uns allen aus Hongkong gruessen! Bleib gesund und rutsch gut in 2012 rueber!

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