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Short summary from the ArtWalk Hong Kong

I am back from the ArtWalk last night in Hong Kong and I really enjoyed it. 66 galleries took part and of course, I did not manage to view half of them (I am not even sure how many I viewed, I need to sit down and count!) but there were some that had really amazing art on display. A mix of Western and Asian art, ranging from lots of different materials.

I have to say, it was fairly crowded along the popular places (Hollywood Road) and lots of people were standing in front of the galleries with drinks in their hands and talking. That was because of the nice weather, finally a day with milder temperatures! Monica and Michael told me that last year they did not even see half as many people. Oh well, I guess the ArtWalk is becoming more popular or did a better job of advertising!

Personally I enjoyed the pictures and sculptures the most – there were some strange audio and video installations. All to do with self mutilation and not pleasurable to watch. I know, art is not meant to be pleasurable per se, but that’s what I find I enjoy more than the extreme and provocative.

There were some really nice photographies in some of the galleries, mainly Chinese landscapes and my friends did fall in love with mountain pictures (but they did not buy any).

I liked the different sculptures – some funny ones here:

Others are more fragile like this room scene made out of wire.

One exhibition was at the current height of fashion – all about photos with people wearing different patterns! Very colorful.

Some Chinese elements had to be included – but with a smile on a face!

There was some very colorful and rather ugly looking art (sorry, tastes differ)…

… and even some European pictures that I could imagine hanging on the walls of a bistro or taverna! :)

This was just a quick summary, I’ll try and post more about the pieces and galleries I enjoyed tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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