Hong Kong, Neighbourhoods, Outlying Islands

Discovery Bay Plaza North

I’ve not been posting much about Discovery Bay as such, but as you can guess, I’ve been busy exploring other corners of Hong Kong.

A few days ago I finally managed to get to the other end of Discovery Bay (it’s not that far, 10 mins on the bus from the plaza or a 45 mins walk from our flat) to see what has changed there.

Not much since my visit a few months ago – Discovery Bay Plaza North is still very empty. A few more restaurant have opened up including Jaspas, a mix of Western/Chinese food…

… Mirch Masala, which does some good curries (fairly decent for Hong Kong, but of course, difficult to match curries in London)…

… Paisanos, which is popular for its American pizzas. The pizzas are well made, but huge in size!

Next to the restaurants are a few empty shops – they look like they could be small flats, but fact is that Discovery Bay Plaza North is a commercial space, so you can’t live there. However, rumour has it that the hotel that’s to be open some time in 2012 might offer horseback riding and hence some shops will be converted into stables. I’ve not seen anything being confirmed, but I guess if it uses the space then it’s a win-win situation for all. Now the empty shops make the Plaza North look like a ghost town, which is a shame. It’s in a nice, quiet location and would be convenient for a lot of the residents living in this area.

Anyway, this is another picture of the shops (some empty – some in use) and in the background you can see the hotel that will be ready some time in the coming months. Not sure who will run it or whether it will have a pier that’s connected to Central (or maybe Disney) but I guess we’ll find out some time in the future.

Of course, there are some real estate agents – as they are at every corner in Hong Kong.

Plus a children’s clothes and a Marc James design shop (great for kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture).

Also a book outlet…

… and a coffee shop.

Finally another shop catering to kids – and that’s it. That’s currently all there is in Discovery Bay Plaza North.

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