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Review: Greyhound Cafe in the IFC

A few days ago we finally visited the Greyhound Cafe, which opened a few months ago in the IFC. It’s in the same space in which the Pizza Express Pop-up used to be, on the ground floor overlooking the harbour (or to be more precise: the big building site at the harbour!).

We ended up going there as the queue at our favourite sushi restaurant was just too long and we were too hungry. Luckily we quickly got a seat and sat down to order a quick dinner. We decided to go for pomelo salad, steak and lamp with black pepper. Nothing special, just a quick bite.

All three dishes arrived at the same time, and the portion sizes were normal to rather small (compared to some other Thai places I’ve been). Still it was enough, especially for a late dinner, and it was tasty. I would not say that it was fantastic, I felt it was just basic food, quickly prepared and nothing wrong with it. Except that in this location (in the middle of the IFC mall in Central) it is going to cost a little more – so in fact what we paid for two people would have been enough for four people at Koh Tomyums in Discovery Bay which is an amazing Thai restaurant (the best in Hong Kong in my opinion).

Anyway, I am glad we finally tried the Greyhound Cafe. Service is quick and friendly, food is quick too and you’ll get what you order – and by that I meant that the food served looks exactly like the food pictures in the menu. Which is fine too.

Nothing that I would consider a fine dining experience, but then that’s not what the Greyhound Cafe is trying to create. So if you are hungry, you need a quick meal (and don’t mind a mix of Thai and Italian dishes on the menu) then head to the ground floor of the IFC. You won’t be disappointed but you won’t be surprised either.


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