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Review: Afternoon tea im Cafe Gray Deluxe

A few weeks ago we booked an afternoon tea at Cafe Gray Deluxe, which is on the 49th floor of the Upper House hotel in Pacific Place. It took us some time to find the entrance (next to the Marriott Hotel) and we went up on the long escalator and then the lifts. The hotel actually starts on the 38th floor and has been designed by renowned Hong Kong architect Andre Fu.

Arriving on the 49th floor, we enter a long walkway to reach the reception area. Being high up, we expected good views of the harbor. But the weather was horrible and we did not manage to see much.

The tea set came with a typical selection of sandwiches – tuna, a grilled sandwich, smoked salmon and a wrap with chicken.

Sweets included scones, fruit cake, lemon tart, macaroons and pies with custard and fruits. They were nice, but felt a little average. The macaroons were of red colour, but we could not taste if it was meant to be strawberry, raspberry or something else.

The scones were a bit hard and more like biscuits than your traditional scones. But overall we enjoyed the majority of treats – it was just a shame that it was really loud in the cafe, we did not feel too relaxed and left quickly.

Cafe Gray Deluxe:
Level 49, The Upper House, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong
T: 3968 1106


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