Hong Kong Hiking info on the Web

After all the different hiking posts, it’s time to share some tips on where I found inspiration for all the hikes.

  • Roz’s Hiking pages were the first websites that I found and his tips are really valuable. Especially the selection of recommended hikes 
  • Hong Kong Hiking Meetup Group – this group has introduced me to a combination of different trails and I just like that some of the walks combine different trails and there are so many options to choose from. Not just from your starting point but also from the skill level and speed involved. Plus I don’t need to worry about finding the route (sometimes a little tricky on the Wilson Trail) and on how to get back home after finishing the trail
  • Enjoy Hiking is a great website with a very useful app that includes all four big trails (Lantau, Hong Kong Island, Wilson and McLehose) as well as Family trails in the New Territories, Outlying Islands and on Hong Kong Island itself. The app is useful while being on the go, on an iPhone you can find out your current location and compare it to the map, which helped me get back on one of the hikes after a confusing crossing

I also bought “The Serious Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong” by Pete Spurrier which features all four big trails including directions on how to get there (and back). Very importantly, the maps include Chinese names so you can show them to taxi drivers and ask them to drive you there. This book, as well as the “Leisurely Hiker’s Guide” (shorter walks, but good suggestions for walks on the Outlying Islands or walks combining museum visits) and the “The Heritage Hiker’s Guide”, is published by FormAsia Publications and sold all over Hong Kong’s bookstores. You don’t necessarily need to buy the book (you can find out all about the different hikes on the Internet) but I like the additional information about what you can expect to see along the route. Also looking at the pictures before the hike helps me to orientate myself on the actual hike, so I don’t regret buying this useful guide.


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