Picture of the Week: Chinese Coffin

Next to Heirloom Eatery is something very interesting… can you guess what it is?

This is the shop of a Chinese coffin maker. Chinese coffins are really huge compared to Western ones. They are strangely shaped too, not just rectangular, but actually with three humps. I tried to find out more about the shape’s history, but so far without success.

I asked my colleagues at work about the Chinese coffin tradition and they were unable to explain it to me. All what they could explain were a few traditions:

– Improper funeral arrangements can wreak ill fortune and disaster on the family of the deceased.
– When a death occurs in a family all statues of deities in the house are covered up with red paper and all mirrors are removed
– During the wake, the family does not wear jewellry or red clothing
– Traditionally, children and grandchildren of the deceased did not cut their hair for 49 days after the death, but this custom is now usually only observed by older generations

But enough about corpses and death – time to wish you a happy Friday and encourage you to have some happy thoughts!


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