Farewell dinner at the Fortuna restaurant

Most of the time, we go hiking with the MeetUp group. However, a few weeks ago we had a special occasion. One of the regular guides was leaving Hong Kong for Macau, so we decided to go on a quick night hike (just Wan Chai Gap Road) and then enjoy a farewell dinner together.

Someone recommended a ‘secret’ restaurant – it’s not secret in the sense of a private kitchen, but more that it’s not really known among a lot of people, as it is part of the South China Sporting Association in Happy Valley/Causeway Bay.

The Fortuna restaurant is for members only (but they can bring friends and colleagues) and we were lucky that two group members were also member of the sporting association, so they booked a table for all of us.

As we had pre-booked the table, we could pre-order food. A special occasion demanded a special menu, so we opted for Peking duck and dishes that used the duck meat.

We also had seafood dishes, noodles, rice and vegetables – a feast with lots of food being leftover (a few of the group members took the leftovers home). A great evening and very enjoyable, as you can tell from all the friendly and smiley faces!


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