Favourite instagrams in April

I’ve not taken that many instragram pictures recently, but here are a few that I took in April. They show a mix of different subjects, starting from a night scene taken from the tram on the way back to the ferry pier. It shows the Prince’s Building in the background, with the Legislative Council in the right hand corner.

This picture fits well with the next one, which is taken from a tram (again) and shows another of the doubledecker trams. I take them from/to work every day and really enjoy the ride. The one-way fare is 2.30 HKD and that’s cheaper than the MTR and bus. While it can be a little slower sometimes it is also a nicer ride, much more to see and because you can open the windows you can hear and smell what’s going on around you. More importantly, it’s not freezing cold as in some of the buses and the MTR trains. Plus, there are days when there is no traffic blocking the tracks in Wan Chai and on these the journey from Wan Chai to Central can be done in 15 minutes.

Talking about busy street life, here is an every day scene from Wan Chai with many people crossing the streets, a red cab in the front and the entrance/exist to the MTR in the background.

I’ve not been on many hikes, but the Wilson Trail Stage 1 took me and my friend Monica to Stanley, so here is a nice picture showing Stanley with its two bays.

Finally, after a hike, a hot Pho soup is all I need – so quite often you can find me at Nha Trang enjoying a big bowl of soup after a hike. Looks yummy and tastes great!


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