Kauai: Hanalei

After our first day took us travelling to the south and visiting the McByrde Garden, we decided to head back North for dinner. We travelled to Hanalei, which is a small town with shops, restaurants and galleries.

It is a tiny place, probably just 500 people live there and twice as much tourists visit, but we enjoyed a stroll around. We walked past the small green church (does it not look amazing with the blue sky in the background?) and then headed for the little town centre.

I took a few more pictures of just old-looking signs in Hanalei and other places, but this little hut stood out – I love the red colour and just the sheer number of signs. What a great mix and so lovely to look at.

Across the red hut was a shave ice hut. I know that we should have tried it, as shave ice is famous in Hawaii, but somehow we could not be tempted. What is shave ice? It is easy to explain, it is exactly what the name says. You make it by shaving a block of ice so the ice becomes very fine and appears snow-like. This extremely fine texture causes syrups added to it to be absorbed by the ice rather than simply surrounding. So you can drink it with a straw rather than eat it with a spoon. But I am not tempted, I am not a sugary-sweet, syrup-type of dessert person.

Anyway, next to the shave ice hut was the old school, which had been transferred into shops and housed the little Hanalei cafe, which seemed very popular from the number of people queuing outside.

We did not have the pleasure of dining there, but we visited BarAcuda (which serves pricey but lovely tapas) as well as had dinner at Calypso, where we sat outside on a little balcony.

Patrick tried the local Hawaiian beers throughout our stay in Hawaii and at Kalypso he sampled one of the Kona Brewery beers, which tasted really nice. It matched our spicy chicken wings plus the fish tacos and seafood pasta we had.

I sampled fish tacos through half of Hawaii, as I really liked the fresh fish with the light seasoning and I have to say, the ones we had at Kalypso that day were really good.


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