Back in Hong Kong

Back in Hong Kong, and what have I missed the most the last few weeks? A mix of things, but I guess the things that I’ve missed the most are: The regular commute on the ferry from Discovery Bay on Lantau to Hong Kong Island.

Different types of noodles for lunch. I am a big fan of wet noodles (in my Western world these are called noodles with soup) and I love them with dried beansheets, fried bean puffs or just beansprouts and golden mushrooms.

Wet markets. Nothing beats shopping outside, picking fresh ingredients that are currently in season. Love that there are always new fruits and vegetables that I’ve never seen before and am trying for the first time.

Fresh mango fruits, mango juice, mango ice cream and basically any mango flavour. Now is the season for fresh mango and I can’t get enough of it.

The warm temperatures and mild nights. It’s not humid right now (what a nice surprise) and the 27-30 degrees during daytime and 25-28 during nighttime are actually quite enjoyable.

Night hikes during the week – Tuesdays see me climbing from Quarry Bay to Jardine’s Lookout and Parkview and Wednesdays have me hiking Wan Chai Gap.

Or if I am too lazy, Wednesdays will see me attending the horse races at Happy Valley. I’ve not won anything recently, but it’s great fun every time we go, I love the atmosphere and scenery.

The ding ding sound of the Hong Kong trams. Every city has its smells and sounds, and when it comes to sounds in Hong Kong it has to be the ding ding you hear at every corner in Wan Chai


One response to “Back in Hong Kong

  1. I am so glad you are back, safe and sound. I know all of had a wonderful time in Hawaii. Enjoy your life again!

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