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Discovery Bay Dragon Boat Day 2012

This weekend is the weekend of the dragon boat races, and there are races here on Lantau Island too. In fact, we’ve even got two race days here in Discovery Bay and the whole plaza and beach was packed with people.

The weather could have been better, but at least it was not raining all the time. At lunch time it was dry, but grey and humid and I strolled around the DB plaza looking at the different stalls.

There was a mix of Discovery Bay businesses, including food and drink booths from the restaurants on Discovery Bay, then there were stalls selling cloth or local food (some delicatessen stores), a few utilities and insurance companies (in case you fancy signing up on a bank holiday and realised all other branches are closed) and among the different toys and gadgets stalls was even a guy selling small fish and water tanks (the fish were alive, to be taken home and looked after – not dead or waiting to be eaten!).

Of course, the big attraction were the races at the beach. You could already hear them from a distance and also see them from the different restaurants at the plaza (all food outlets were packed around lunchtime, they must have had one of their best sales days!).

I don’t know how many races took place today, but there were quite a few. I watched some mixed teams races, standing next to the ferry pier, which was great as I could see 3/4 of the whole race length.

The finish line was right in front of the beach, so everyone was watching it closely and cheering for the dragon boat racers.

It looked very tiring, but everyone around me cheered and clapped to motivate the teams.

It was fun to watch – but I don’t think I would like to try it. I am sure it must be exhausting.

After a few races I went back home, but I came back to the plaza around 5pm, to see the award ceremony.

Again, the plaza was packed and there were lots of awards to be won (more tomorrow, with further races taking place). There were a few rain showers, which was annoying, but still it was a great atmosphere. Everyone seemed to be happy and cheering.

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