Hong Kong, Outlying Islands

Boats in Nim Shue Wan

The last days have been very sunny and hot – yesterday it had 39 degrees at lunch time. It’s very hot and humid, so it does not come as a surprise that there are rain and thunderstorm warnings. But still, it is a nice summer (especially compared to the cold temperatures in Europe) and I just enjoy to be outside as much as possible, when I am not at work. Below are some pictures from last week, taken at Nim Shue Wan, the small bay behind our house. From here you can take the ferries to Peng Chau and Mui Wo.

There are a few sailing and other boats laying in the bay, and it’s nice to just watch them from above (our living room and bed room windows overlook the bay) …

or just stroll around the bay, watching the ships on the sea.

Every now and then a ferry arrives and loads/unloads – but after that it’s quiet again. The ferries don’t run that often, so it could be that there’s just one per hour.

Nim Shue Wan is nowhere near as busy as in the main bay, where the big ferries to Central arrive and depart. I like it that way!


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