Picture of the Week: Hairdresser in Sheung Wan

UPDATE JUNE 9 2014: Ken Donji has moved in with Salon ThirT2 on 32 Cochrane Street now

This is not so much about one picture of the week, but actually a recommendation. Patrick and I tried a few hairdressers (even one in a backstreet of Causeway Bay) until we found this place and fell in love with it.

It’s quirky, run by a bunch of cool looking guys, who know the tools of the trade and are always friendly. They speak enough English to understand what I want and they do like to make their own recommendations, which always turn out better than what I would have tried to do.

I love that every time I go there, I can turn up short notice (just call a few hours before) and they are open every day at least until 9pm. The guy who does my hair always takes his time to cut it meticulously with a pair of scissors and then spends 30 minutes to blow-drying my hair carefully. He does it in a lovely style, trying to replicate the look and feel of the Chinese hair, which often looks like black silk. Unfortunately (for him), I’ve got a little curl in my hair, so it does take him really a lot of patience to get my hair nice and straight.

The prices are absolutely fair – starting at 150 HKD for a wash, cut and blow-dry job. For a full-head colour using Japanese colour it’s 480 HKD.

UPDATE JUNE 9, 2014: Prices now start at 190 HKD for shampoo, style and cut. I’m sure that the price for colour increased too!

Salon ThirT2
32, G/F, Cochrane Street
Tel. 2851 4718

12 responses to “Picture of the Week: Hairdresser in Sheung Wan

  1. Looks great! It reminds me of my adventure yesterday. I went to a local neighborhood in Bangkok for a cheap haircut. The place I’d been using that caters mainly to foreigners was charging US$15 for a haircut, so I tried a place that looks like the hairdresser you went to. The local shop did a decent job and charged $2.50. I’ll be going back even though I’m probably his only foreign customer!

  2. Hi there – new in town and desperate for a haircut, I googled “Sheung Wan haircut women” I found your post and checked this place out today. Loved it. As a NY transplant in HK, I am shocked at the lack of formalized forums for sharing these things. Appreciate it!

  3. Hi, do you remember the name of your hairdresser? I would like to go there and get my hair done as well.. thx!

    • I’ve tried different ones, but can’t remember the names. One girl was called Milk if I remember correctly. Anyway, they’ve all been good.

  4. Hello! I’m looking for a quick haircut and was wondering if you still visit this salon, or have you found somewhere else? Thanks ;)

  5. is that a good recommendation for men? coz i am starting to hear some positive reviews about this ken donji.thanxx

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