Hong Kong Blogs Review gave me the thumbs up

Hooray – another positive blog review under my belly! The Hong Kong Blogs Review reviewed my blog under the Expat, Travel and English-language blog categories and gave me two thumbs up!

Here’s what they said:

This blog, BLUEBALU: LIVING IN HONG KONG, is warm and fuzzy. It is an excellent place to read about what is going on in Hong Kong and other topics the blogger mentioned above while you relax in a cozy spot over a cup of hot tea or good coffee. The blogger is low-key and level-headed; she writes simply and leisurely — delightfully mellow and unhurried.

In her blog, the blogger shows keen perception and warmth. At the same time, through her writing, Hong Kong becomes more understandable and less of a paradox to some of her readers who are unfamiliar with this city of contrast. Bluebalu pens one exceptional HK blog.

Unwind and take it slow. Go read this blog and enjoy your every sip, Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends BLUEBALU: LIVING IN HONG KONG highly.

Thanks guys, that’s really appreciated! I really recommend everyone to check out the Hong Kong Blogs Review website, I found some interesting reads on there, including Photos from Hong Kong and the hungry egghead.


4 responses to “Hong Kong Blogs Review gave me the thumbs up

  1. Liebe Ruth, ich bin ja so stolz auf Dich!!! Congratulations! Eigentlich ueberrascht es mich nicht, Du bist und warst schon immer eine besondere younge Dame! Outstaneding, to say the least! I certainly have enjoyed reading your blog. I have learned so much about Hongkong. I had no idea how beautiful the city and the surrounding are is. Love you! Good night!

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