Mango dessert at Hui Lau Shan

Hong Kong has many food chains – and there is a restaurant chain that’s called Hui Lau Shan, which we are big fans of. The official name is actually “Hui Lau Shan – Healthy Dessert Restaurant” but that’s just unbelievable. The desserts are amazing, but very sweet and sugary, so I can’t understand their claim to being healthy.

Anyway, we went to one in Causeway Bay, one sunny Sunday, and decided to indulge on some mango desserts. They have a range of fruit desserts with sago, tapioca, red bean, grass jelly and black sesame, but they are famous for their mango desserts. You can either pick up some drinks (which we’ve done before) or desserts, or sit down in the small restaurant (more like a fast food place) and order what you’d like to try.

The menu is extensive, and what I’ve tried and can recommend so far are: Sago in Mango Juice with Extra Mango and mango ice cream, Sago in Mango Juice with Pomelo extra mango and mango ice cream and Mango mochi.

We ordered the royal mango platter. Three smaller portions of their famous desserts:
– Sago in mango and coconut juice with pomelo and mango ice cream. This was great, the slightly bitter pomelo goes so well with the sweet mango fruit and mango ice cream (which is more like frozen mango pulp)
– Mango with Mango Juice and Glutinous Rice Balls. They don’t water down the mango juice here. I like the rice balls as they are starchy and dense, a nice contrast to the soft mango texture
– Mango Mochi with Fresh Mango. Chewy skin with a soft centre and lots of mango flavour

Hui Lau Shan
Shop 3, G/F, 2-6 Yee Wo St
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


One response to “Mango dessert at Hui Lau Shan

  1. Oh my goodness, that looks so good! I love mangos! Whish we had this shop here, but I don’t that will ever happen, he he

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