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Review: La Taste

We have been to Nha Trang many times, but the restaurant is often so crowded and loud that we just quickly eat and leave again. Lately, we’ve been going to La Taste, which is just in Stanley Street, a few steps away from Nha Trang in Wellington Street. La Taste is very similar to Nha Trang, the design feels pretty similar and also the menu features almost the same dishes.

It is open every day, all day and it can be crowded, but I’ve never had to wait for a table. Often I can grab a table at the window, to look down over the street. The service is quick and friendly, although some waiters don’t speak much English. But it’s still easy to order, just pick and choose your menu items.

We always share a bowl of the classic Pho with raw beef. The soup will be hot enough to boil the meat while it is in the soup. The soup is tasty, with chewy noodles and lean meat. I would wish for more spices and herbs, but then I know that the Pho at Nha Trang is always my favourite and any other Pho won’t be measured on the same level!

We have had mixed meat satays, duck breast wrapped in pandan leaves and then grilled, rice noodles with lemongrass pork and all dishes are fairly decent. They are prepared and served quickly, you never have to wait long.

The quality can be a little hit and miss, sometimes the duck breast has been prepared earlier and kept warm (but not warm enough) and also the rice dishes can be a bit flavourless. Overall, I would wish they add more spices and herbs, as that’s how Vietnamese food should taste like. Still, it’s a good option if you are craving Vietnamese food and don’t want to queue outside Nha Trang. Also, blogger pisco thinks it’s quite good (review here).

La Taste
1/F, 34-38 Stanley St, Central
Tel. 2815 8863
Daily 11.30am-11pm


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