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Review: Sen-ryo Sushi

I know this is a Sushi chain, so nothing to be that excited about – however, I’ve always been very happy to go there (there’s a Sen-ryo outlet in the IFC, one in Quarry Bay and one in TST that we frequently visit) as the fish is good and the prices are reasonable.

The only challenge is that the place can be very busy. If you go to the one in the IFC and it is lunch or dinner hour, you can queue for 45 minutes to get a seat, as the number of seats is very limited. So we tend to go either in the afternoon (during the weekend) or for a late dinner.

The best places are those at the conveyor belt, just because you can see all the fresh sushi – but of course, we always end up picking some additional ones from the a la carte menu, because we are too hungry to wait or someone else has picked the last marinated tuna from the belt. Also some of our favourites like the spicy salmon battleship (that’s what they call it!) are never on the conveyor belt when we are there and others like the fried prawn roll really need to be fresh and crunchy (I hate it when it goes soggy).

The prices are average – a little more expensive than Genki sushi, but then the quality (I feel) is better. It is still cheap compared to a proper Japanese restaurant or sushi place, so I won’t compare it to that. But for me personally Sen-ryo is a good choice if we are passing the IFC or are in Quarry Bay or TST and want to eat some fresh fish.

What I like about Sen-ryo is that they have a few additional dishes (like this octopus salad which is very yummy) and some not-so-typical sushis. I found out that I like the seared olive flunder muscle sushi really a lot, I’ve never had it before.

Green tea is free (as in all these places) and once we satisfied our hunger for sushi, we quickly get up and pay at the till. Someone else will already be waiting for our seat. Normally, the two of us eat for around 300 HKD together, so that’s fairly reasonable. I don’t want to think what sushi of this quality would cost us in Europe, definitely lots more.

Shop 3099-3100, Podium Level 3, IFC Mall, Central – Tel 2234 7633
Shop 142B, 1/F, Cityplaza 1, Quarry Bay – Tel 2967 5537
Shop B06B, Basement, The Sun Arcade, 28 Canton Road, TST – Tel 2730 5279

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