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The day has arrived: MoonTrekker 2012

Today is the big day – or better said, the big night! MoonTrekker 2012 will take place in Lantau tonight.

The sunrise 40 race starts at 9pm and the moonlit 26 at 11.20pm from Mui Wo and will go all the way to the lower Cheung Sha Beach. There are four checkpoints during the course and I will be manning the third one, together with a great bunch of volunteers:

CP1: Chi Ma Wan (this is the first checkpoint after 5km or 18km depending on which route you take)
CP2: Nam Shan (you reach it after a 4km climb and decent)
CP3: Pak Kung Au (after a 7km hike along the side of Sunset Peak)
CP4: Ngong Ping (after 4km hiking through villages and a forest you reach the bottom of Lantau Peak)
Then you’ve only got 6km to go to climb to the Peak and make the way to the beach.

It is not an easy hike and I admire everyone that will start the hike tonight. Good luck everyone and if you need a word of encouragement, stop at CP3. See you later!

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