Best Spas in Hong Kong (2012)

I’ve been trying and testing different spas and treatments over the last months, often using Valuup (update June 2013: This is now SodaCard and a slightly different loyalty concept) and Groupon vouchers just to find out what is out there and what I like. I’ve had some great experiences and some more average ones, so here are my current favourites.

Facials: I’ve tried Sense of Touch in Central and Discovery Bay, Oasi Beauty in Sheung Wan, Skin Deep Central, Hermitage Spa in Central but my favourite has to be Cleopatra’s in Wan Chai. This is the only place where they recognised that I have oily skin and don’t need layers of cream.

  • Every time I went to Sense of Touch I received a good exfoliation and skin mask, but even though I told them I don’t want lots of toners and creams, they still kept adding lots of them to my face.
  • Oasi Beauty was nice and relaxing, but the atmosphere is different as it is a tiny spa in Sheung Wan (but then the price is more affordable)
  • Skin Deep Central is right in the heart of Central, and the spa is clean and modern, but I felt the exfoliation was only done half-heartedly and most of the treatment time was spent on applying a collagen mask that was left 20 minutes to dry – I am sure it could be relaxing, but I like Cleopatra’s so much better, where you get a nice face, head and shoulder massage at the same time, they use dermalogica products (even give you samples if you are not sure how you react to them if you use them in your daily routine) and the atmosphere is really nice and relaxing. They encourage you to stay afterwards and have a tea, which is just nice.
  • The Hermitage Spa is great too, very spacious with great changing rooms, a very attentive service, all very clean and hygienic – but again, the exfoliation was rushed and not as thorough as in Cleopatra’s and I feel the Hermitage Spa has many other strengths, but facials are best at Cleopatra’s

BEST for Facials:  Cleopatra’s (60 mins/480 HKD for basic facial, 70 mins/550 HKD for deep cleansing facial – Address: Flat A, 2/F, Yan King Court, No. 119-121, Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai – Tel. 2866 7338)

Pedicure: I’ve tried Sense of Touch in Discovery Bay, Cleopatra’s in Wan Chai and Iyara next to the escalators in Mid-Levels.

  • They are all pretty good and for the basic pedicure, I really like Cleopatra’s in Wan Chai best. It is always reliable and they do a great job there
  • However, if I am looking for a pedicure and a massage, then I go to Sense of Touch in Discovery Bay, as they do a great combination package for 80 mins (incl. 20 mins massage), which is really lovely. So for the pedicure, it is a tie between Sense of Touch and Cleopatra’s
  • Iyara is ok, but it is always packed (as it’s close to the escalator) and can be quiet loud (not really relaxing). I do find it quite expensive for what it is as well.

BEST for Pedicure: Cleopatra’s (Basic Pedicure 280 HKD / Spa Pedicure 310 HKD – Address: Flat A, 2/F, Yan King Court, No. 119-121, Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai – Tel. 2866 7338) AND Sense of Touch (Basic Pedicure 290 HKD / Pedicure Plus 395 HKD – Address: 140A-1, 1/F Block C, DB Plaza, Discovery Bay – Tel. 2987 9198)

Massage: This was not easy, I tried many different places and can’t even recall all the names. For foot reflexology massages I’ve been to Sense of Touch in different locations, Jack’s Beauty in Central (Tel. 2815 3268), Ten Feet Tall in Central, M Spa in Discovery Bay (Tel. 2987 0614) and Zenturium Footspa. For body massage, it’s easier. I love Hermitage Spa and am very happy with it!

  • Some foot reflexology places are cheaper, like Jack’s Beauty in Central and M Spa in Discovery Bay, and as a result you have to cut back on the atmosphere and the style of spa – but they do a good job. The only challenge I have with these places is that the service is not consistent and some massages are too light and not really helping me to loosen my muscles
  • Sense of Touch is good (in combination with a pedicure) but not that exciting. Nice atmosphere, but I find it is too soft and aimed at expats – if you go to places with lots of locals, the massage is less soft and I find that better, as it helps me to relax (after the massage better)
  • Ten Feet Tall in Central is really great – nothing to fault at this place. Great service, love the location, the atmosphere is perfect to relax, the ladies are gentle and forceful at the same time and it is just a perfect place… if it was not for Zenturium Footspa!
  • This is the newest place I’ve been to: Zenturium Footspa in Sheung Wan and it is my favourite! Great place, with a aquarium set into the floor (you can walk over it, how crazy is that?). The place is very quiet and relaxing, the service is outstanding – a really great foot massage and you can get a head and neck massage for 60 HKD/15 minutes extra. This was one of the best massages I ever had and I was really impressed – I’ll be back soon!

BEST foot massage: Zenturium is my favourite place (Basic 198 HKD / Deluxe 320 HKD / Royal 360 hKD – Address:  1/F, Charles L. Corn Building, 26 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan – Tel. 2544 9866)

BEST body massage: Hermitage Spa (Swedish Massage 380 HKD / Aromatherapy 460 HKD – Address: 18/F, South China Building, No. 1 Wyndham Street, Central – Tel. 2801 7208)

Note: All pictures are from the spa websites. They are not mine.


10 responses to “Best Spas in Hong Kong (2012)

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  2. I cannot agree with you more, The Hermitage Spa is definitely the BEST place for massages. I think their facial is very good too, love their skin care products, Epionce!
    Will also try your other recommendations, Thanks!

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  4. Thanks for all the tips, I’ve been on a quest to find the best place for especially massage, so I’m looking forward to trying out your recommendations. I’ve been to Iyara in Wan Chai, and I will say, the massage was quite intense and effective :)

  5. My favourite Spa in Hong Kong is Flawless on Wyndham street! They specialise in Facials Nails and Makeup… I had a facial with Angela and she was amazing… I ended up buying one of there package for long term results on facials. They also have 1 week guaranty on shellac and gel nails…

  6. I agree beauty lover. This new spa on Wyndham street is one of my favourites. I also had Angela and she is fab! the decor is so industrial chic and I just felt like I was back in new york! I did a make up do once there with the founder who is a professional make up artist. she gave me so many tips about make up which I have never come across. She literally is, flawless. I am going back next week for my facial treatment!

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