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Review: Solo Cafe in Tai O

I’ve had heard about this famous coffee place in Tai O numerous times, but I’ve never been there. So Monica made sure that we stop at Solo so that I can sample the great coffee they sell there. The cafe is in one of the main streets, overlooking the water. If you come from the main footpath bridge turn right at the first crossing, walk past the temple (but not the street that is right before the temple, go to the one that’s closer to the water), past the street snack vendors until you see this sign:

Solo is a coffee house serving fresh roasted coffee and it is famous for its cheesecake and tiramisu. However, we did not try anything to eat. Instead we sat on the balcony, overlooking the water ways and enjoying a very smooth Siphon coffee. We choose the standard roast, but there are many different coffe options to choose from including some with alcohol.

I love the cup they served the coffee in – can you see it is heart-shaped? How cute.

The funny thing was that I was the only one ordering coffee with milk, so I got a little bit of very rich milk (which was nice). However, Monica and Michael drink their coffee black, so they got the coffee without milk (of course) but instead with a biscuit. So clearly, it is either fatty milk or sugary biscuit but not both – it made me smile. Of course, I am sure if I would have asked for a biscuit, I would have gotten one… but then we were not there to eat (we already had some street food which was yummy) but to go hiking, on our Lantau Trail.

The service is great, very friendly and if you tip the staff, they’ll make sure to tell you it will go to charity (they put it in the charity box in front of our eyes) and give you a postcard of Tai O in return. How generous is that? What a nice gift to take back home.

86 Kat Hing St, G/F, Tai O, Lantau
Tel 9153 7453

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