HK Island, Hong Kong

Again: Hairy crab season in Hong Kong

Almost one year has passed since I wrote the post about hairy crab season in Hong Kong, and so it’s time for this year’s season. All over town you can see supermarkets stocked with special refrigerators to sell fresh hairy crabs that are still alive. Or if you go through the small streets in Central or one of the wet markets, you almost stumble over the sellers with the fresh crabs in water basins waiting to sell to hungry customers.

Last weekend we had one of our photography sessions in Sheung Wan, so we passed one of the famous shops and I took some pictures of the crabs there.

The prices range from very affordable 180 HKD per crab to around 500 HKD per crab and potentially even more (these were the prices that I saw, but maybe if you know the owner he might even sell you one of the special and famous crabs from the Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou, in the Jiangsu Province near Shanghai. And those will be even more expensive. Here’s an interesting picture story about the crabs in Shanghai, have a read!

I’ve still not tried to eat a hairy crab – but maybe this year my colleagues will take me to one of their favourite restaurants for crab, as they really enjoy this specialty. They told me that it’s cheaper to buy them in the supermarket (of course) and given that none of them is an expert, they don’t spend more than 250 HKD per crab (which is pretty expensive anyway – given that one crab is not going to fill your stomach).

But given that I have no idea how to prepare a crab (probably just boil it like a lobster) it will be safer to join them in a restaurant. Also it is as much about the event of the meal as it is about the crab itself. It is very social, to go out and slowly pick at your crab and enjoy a good conversation alongside drinks.

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