Photography: Traditional wedding in Tokyo

Immediately after we entered Meiji Jingu we saw a wedding procession walking across the shrine area. We stopped to take some pictures.

As we turned around, we noticed the wedding procession walking back – and we took more pictures.

Only when we arrived back home did I notice this was not the same wedding procession that we have been watching, but in fact two different ones!

But they all looked very similar, all following the traditional rules and outfits of a Shinto wedding. For this, the bride gets help for her physical preparation. She wears a white long-sleeved kimono and sandals called zori. She also wears a white makeup on both face and neck to look pale, but not as marked as a geisha. The groom is traditionally dressed in dark colours and also with wood sandals.

The wedding couple is preceded by the Shinto priest and his assistants, the miko dressed in red and white and the whole ceremony looks really amazing, so beautiful and tranquil.

Even some of the wedding guests wore traditional outfits, we saw some lovely kimonos being worn by some of the ladies.

Of course, there were also modern wedding outfits and I just love the picture of this young family with all the kids really dressed up.

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