Tokyo: Japan camera hunter

While in Tokyo we met with the Japan camera hunter – and as the name says, Bellamy Hunt, is hunting for cameras. He is an expert when it comes to finding second-hand cameras, especially some very rare ones.

Patrick had set his eyes on a Leica M6 film camera and Bellamy found him a pristine one. It came in its original packaging with all the documents and really looked like it had never been used.

We spent a few minutes talking to Bellamy, who is a really interesting guy that knows his camera stuff. Check out his website, it is full of valuable information and lots of tips!

Bellamy showed Patrick how to use it and off we were, taking the first pictures with the M6.

Before we left, Bellamy gave Patrick one of his specially designed film boxes and signed it for him – a nice way to remember our first time together in Tokyo.

By the way, here’s an interesting interview with Bellamy Hunt about his life and work in Tokyo.


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