Photography: My favourite Tokyo pictures

So after many days of posting about my first trip to Tokyo it’s time to highlight my favourite pictures that I took during the trip. First of all, I like this view from / into our hotel room and Shinjuku.

Hotel room over Shinjuku

Then of course, there had to be a picture of vending machines somewhere – they are everywhere in Tokyo!

Vending machines - no vibrance

And how do you fill up these vending machines? With a big Coca-Cola truck that delivers the cans…

Coca cola truck in Shinjuku - no vibrance

Of course, Tokyo would not be Tokyo without any kimonos. So here is a kimono picture from earlier this week, just without any colour and vibrance:

Kimonos - no vibrance

Plus a lovely wedding picture taken in Meiji Jingu:

Japanese wedding - no vibrance

Finally, my favourite picture of the trip – the hustle and bustle of the Shibuja crossing captured in a quiet moment.

Shinjuku crossing - no vibrance


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