Review: El Cid

A few weeks ago we had a night out with our team at work – and we picked a Spanish restaurant.

El Cid Spanish restaurant 6 Team

That’s because we’ve got a partner programme at work and we are paired with a team in Madrid, so it made sense to sample their food and drink culture. We went to “El Cid” in Causeway Bay as it was close to our office in Wan Chai.

El Cid Spanish restaurant 0

For starters we ordered a mix of grilled anchovies (nice and salty), meat balls in spicy tomato sauce (not authentic, but still very tasty), mushrooms baked with cheese (ok), potato omelet (a bit boring), fried potatoes in spicy tomato sauce (ok), fried rice balls (boring, you had to add some spicy sauce to them), spinach pastries (delicious), garlic bread (not authentic) and grilled chorizo sliced in thin slices (nice). Some dishes were more authentic than others, but overall we were happy with our choice.

El Cid Spanish restaurant 1 Starters

However, we were not so happy with the choice of our drinks. We had ordered red and white sangria so that everyone could sample some – but there was no wine in the glass, just some sweet fruit juices. We had to ask for separate glasses of house wine to make the sangria drinkable. Anyway, this did not stop us from enjoying our evening.

El Cid Spanish restaurant 2 Starters

For mains we all just shared a big portion of seafood and chicken paella. The rice was a little bit too soggy for my taste, but overall it was nicely seasoned, the spices were right and a great amount of seafood was included in the dish. So far the best paella we had in Hong Kong (but I have to admit that we’ve not had that many yet).

El Cid Spanish restaurant 3 Paella

Anyway, we were already quiet full – so for desserts we only shared a few dishes including a crème brulee flavoured with orange and coffee (it tasted wrong), tartufo with chocolate (nice ice cream with thick cocoa powder), chocolate mousse (good) and some mango filled pancakes (not a Spanish dessert but ok).

El Cid Spanish restaurant 4 Dessert

There was even some live music in the restaurant – at one point the two guys came to our table and played us a few songs – we could choose between English and Spanish songs. It was great fun, we tried to sing along to some Spanish songs, but of course, failed miserably. Still, it was a very fun night out and a great team dinner.

El Cid Spanish restaurant 5 Music

Will I go there again? YES. Some of the dishes on the menu are not really authentic (fried calamari or crème brulee) but overall the taste was nice, the food was fresh and the portion sizes decent. Just don’t order sangria – unless you like sweet grape juice.

El Cid Spanish Restaurant
No. 9-11, Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel. 2576 8650


2 responses to “Review: El Cid

  1. nice to know thanks for sharing :)

    have you tried spanish place (bar-like area) in pacific place, grEAT supermarket? I quite like the octopus and chorizo there

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