Christmas in the supermarket

It’s possible to purchase almost anything in Hong Kong, you just need to know where to go and be prepared to pay any price. For example, in Fusion, the supermarket in Discovery Bay you can find anything from Christmas decorations over Italian panettone to American Hershey’s chocolate boxes and Australian nougat bags specifically designed for Christmas.

Christmas in Fusion DB 0 decorations

Aisle after aisle has lots of Christmas goodies sitting on the shelf. I took a few pictures with my iPhone just to show that almost anything can be purchased here (but unfortunately not everything, they don’t sell Dominosteine or Printen – two of my favourite German Christmas foods).

Christmas in Fusion DB 1

But of course, you can get the famous Lindt chocolates. Not just santas or reindeers, but this year they also sell golden teddy bears! Not sure what makes them so special for Christmas, I guess it’s the golden wrapping!

Christmas in Fusion DB 2 Lindt chocolates

Lots and lots of mince pies are in stock this year…

Christmas in Fusion DB 3 Mince Pies

… and even some yule logs. I remember that we used to get one at work in London every year and we were set a challenge to decorate it. The best team won some mulled wine to go with the yule log. We should reinstate this competition here in Hong Kong!

Christmas in Fusion DB 4 Yule Logs

Christmas puddings, fruitcakes and other cakes are also being sold here…

Christmas in Fusion DB 5 Pudding

… and of course, the highlight: the selection of German Christmas foods. Including Zimtsterne, Spekulatius, Lebkuchen and Vanillekipferl. This picture is actually from a few days ago, I came back yesterday just to witness that almost all Lebkuchen have gone (well at least the ones with rum) and no more Vanillekipferl are left. I wonder if they will restock in the final days before Christmas?

Christmas in Fusion DB 6 Lebkuchen Zimtsterne

Not in Fusion, but in fact in every 7-11 in Hong Kong, you can also get the special Winter editions of Ritter Sport chocolates. Christmas is now ready to come!

Christmas in Seven Eleven RitterSport Chocolates


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