Christmas decorations 2012 at the house of the Mandarin in Macau

We also visited the House of the Mandarin again, my favourite sight in Macau. It is tucked away in a small alley, but it still is the largest private house in Macau. It is a beautiful (restored) building.

Mandarin's House in Macau 2012-0

Luckily, there were hardly any Christmas decorations, except at the entrance and in one walkway.

Mandarin's House in Macau 2012-7 Christmas decorations

But the rest of the building and garden were left untouched. I only noticed one set of Christmas stars hiding next to a set of lotus flowers in their water ponds:

Mandarin's House in Macau 2012-6

I am always surprised how calm and quiet this house is. There are only a few people exploring this architectural masterpiece, which combines Chinese moon gates with Western style columns and windows.

Mandarin's House in Macau 2012-1

I can’t believe there were times with up to 300 people living in this complex – it must have felt so differently back then. Of course, rooms were divided and hence much smaller. But I can’t imagine how it must have been back then.

Mandarin's House in Macau 2012-2

We had a great time (again) exploring this house, this time I was accompanied by my cousin who was visiting from Germany, on his way back from a four-month study exchange in South Korea. I can’t believe this is the only picture that we took of the two of us. Embarrassing!

Mandarin's House in Macau 2012-3

He also enjoyed the house very much, it is such a gem in Macau.

Mandarin's House in Macau 2012-4

Very beautiful views, regardless from which angle you look.

Mandarin's House in Macau 2012-5

My only concern is that they are rebuilding the houses next to the Casa do Mandarim and they are becoming quite huge and modern-looking. I don’t know how this is going to impact the House of the Mandarin, if it will destroy the view? By the way, can you believe that back in the late 19th Century, when the house was built, its residents had a view over the sea? Incredible, that must have been impossible for the last 50 years if not more!

Mandarin's House in Macau 2012-8 View across


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