HK Island, Hong Kong

Photography: Man Mo temple in Sheung Wan

To end another year in Hong Kong, I’ve selected a few pictures taken in the beautiful Man Mo temple on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan. I love this temple and its colours.

Man Mo Temple 0

The Man Mo temple is so close to the hustle and bustle of the city, but at the same time it can be quiet (if there are no tourist groups stamping around) and you can watch the incense coils burning slowly to the ground. Burning incense is a custom passed down from ancient worshiping rituals. When the ancient Chinese rendered cults to God and ancestors, they usually burned their sacrifices or simply certain plants to make heavy smoke, thinking that they could communicate with spirits through the smoke. Having evolved gradually and been popularized later, such a practice has become a way of showing respect for spirits by burning incense.

Man Mo Temple 1 Incense coils

Sometimes you can watch worshippers lighting incense and candles, and bowing down on their knees several times; the more pious kneel down and kowtow and pray silently at the same time. But not on the day I took the pictures – it was almost closing time at the temple and hence very quiet.

Man Mo Temple 2 red chinese lantern

I love the colours in the temple, the traditional mix of red, gold and yellow. The orange to red colour range represents joy and festivity. Yellow and gold stand for heavenly glory. What a glorious temple – and a glorious way to end this year. Happy New Year 2013 everyone!

Man Mo Temple 3 red Chinese lantern

3 thoughts on “Photography: Man Mo temple in Sheung Wan”

  1. Hi, I’ve been living in Hong Kong for a few months now and haven’t come across this temple yet, but it looks beautiful so I’ll have to check it out some time! Thanks for the photos :) Happy new year!

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