Top ten posts in 2012

Similar to last year, I looked through my site stats to see which posts were the most popular in 2012 – to figure out what to write more/less about this year.


Quite interestingly, the top ten is a big mix of different stories:

In tenth place is this post about haunted houses in Hong Kong. Three abandoned places in Sheung Wan, Wan Chai and Central have their cruel stories to tell.

Nam Koo Terrace Haunted House

German food in Hong Kong is the post in the ninth spot. It’s a post written in 2011 but all the products are still available in the supermarket. Throughout the last year I noticed even more German products being sold here in Hong Kong, you can even get the Mondamin mix for Griesbrei and Kaiserschmarrn, small egg noodles for Buchstabensuppe and Sauerkirschen in a jar so you can make Kirschauflauf or even Schwarzwaelderkirschtorte.

German Sausages in the Wellcome supermarket

In eight and seventh place are two very similar posts – both about Valentine’s day here in Hong Kong. In 2012 and in 2011 I’ve written a short post about the decorations and flowers in Hong Kong and included Armani Fiori flowers (they look amazing) in the posts. That became one of the most popular search terms on my blog, something I did not expect at all – looks like Hong Kong people really spend lots of money on expensive flowers!

Armani Fiori Flowers

My comparison between living in Discovery Bay and Hong Kong is in sixth place – and yes, we are still happy with our choice to live in Discovery Bay. We renewed our contract and will be staying in our flat throughout 2013.

Discovery Bay Ferry to Central 1

The fifth place goes to the amazing rainbow that was visible in June in Hong Kong.

Rainbow over Hong Kong

Following our German roots, I posted about the Oktoberfest 2012 in Hong Kong – even though we ended up not going there, it proved to be a successful post with over 650 views in just a few days.

King Ludwig beerhall 4

28 days to go… until Christmas. This was the title of a 2011 blog post about Christmas decorations in Hong Kong (mainly the IFC shopping mall) and surprisingly it is more popular than the 2012 Christmas decorations series (IFC,Times Square and the Landmark building).

Santa with Christmas tree IFC 2011

One of my favourite blog posts, and yours too, is this post about almond cookies and beef jerky in Macau. I could eat those snacks almost every day – and what annoys me a little about this popular post is that the best snack, the egg tart, is not even included. So let’s hope this post about the difference between egg tarts in Macau and in Hong Kong will be even more popular in 2013.

Beef Jerky in Macau

Surprisingly, the most popular post in 2012 is this one, about the Discovery Bay location map.

Mui Wo 10 view over Discovery Bay

What have I learned from this summary? Lots of my 2011 posts are still popular, local events are of high interest and Discovery Bay is a hot search topic in Hong Kong. Well, off I go – researching and writing more interesting posts for 2013.


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