Picture of the Week: Cats in Tai O

We saw some beautiful wild cats during our stay in Tai O in December – some were shy and did not like their pictures taken, they ran away when we got to close. Others just sat there and watched us with our cameras. Those ones were probably used to being photographed and stared at by people all the time! Of course, there were those that just slept all the time and could not care any less if their picture was taken or not.

Tai O Village Lantau 11 Orange Cat

Tai O must be a paradise for cats – lots of seafood is available at every corner. It’s caught fresh and then dried in the sun and sold to visitors. There are also old ladies selling fresh fish just in barrels on the street. No wonder that cats like to hang around in this place!

Tai O Village Lantau 4 Fresh Fish

The cat above sat next to a lady that was selling dried seafood on one of the larger streets. The cat watched the passers-by and of course, as soon as Patrick came around the corner, the cat intrigued him and she was also looking at him interested. Patrick did touch her, of course, as all cats seem to like him.

Cat in Tai O 1

This cat sat further away, in one of the residential areas, on the top of some wood structure erected over some empty dried seafood boxes. Clearly the smell must have been appealing to the cat! This cat staid further away and did not want to be touched – fine with us, we were just there to take pictures.

Cat in Tai O 2


One response to “Picture of the Week: Cats in Tai O

  1. Thanks, you know I love pictures of cats. The first one looks like my Sam and I love the last one! What a little beauty!

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