Hong Kong

Chiang Mai: Shinawatra Silk factory

After our visit to the Tiger Kingdom and the Parasol Factory, we made one last stop at the Shinawatra Thai Silk Factory.

Silk Factory Chiang Mai 1 Silk Worms

It starts with an introduction on how silk is being made. So of course, the first thing you are being shown is a silk worm.

Silk Factory Chiang Mai 2 Silk Worms

Silk worms only eat mulberry leaves, and lots of them. They eat for 20-30 days and then stop eating.

Silk Factory Chiang Mai 3 Silk Worms

They turn a yellow color and spin themselves into a cocoon. There are two kids of cocoons – white are from China, yellow are from Thailand. The golden color of the Thai cocoons makes the silk color richer once it’s been dyed.

Silk Factory Chiang Mai 4

Apparently it takes 50 cocoons to make one silk thread! And, each thread will be about 50 meters long.

Silk Factory Chiang Mai 5

Once the cocoons are turned to thread, they are then bundeled and dyed. From there the threads are moved to a loom, where the Thai weavers work their magic and make gorgeous silk cloth.

Silk Factory Chiang Mai 6

After watching this whole process for a while we moved on the silk store where all different kinds of handmade products can be purchased. Again, the choice was so overwhelming, we could not decide what to buy!

Silk Factory Chiang Mai 7

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