Hong Kong

Chiang Mai: Market visit

Before we started our Thai cooking lesson, we went to one of the many markets in Chiang Mai. It was a great experience for all senses.

Chiang Mai market daytime 1

Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Quite a few that I’ve never seen before. All very plump and ripe.

Chiang Mai market daytime 2

On this picture are many different types of aubergines and egg plants, which are a staple in Thai curries.

Chiang Mai market daytime 3

Patrick is being shown some of the ingredients for our cooking lesson – lots of herbs and fresh chilis!

Chiang Mai market daytime 4

Can you guess what those coconuts cut in half are being used for? They are too old for fresh coconut juice…

Chiang Mai market daytime 5

… so they are dried and then cut into tiny pieces. Coconut flakes! You can then add them to curries or other dishes.

Chiang Mai market daytime 6

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