Hong Kong

Chiang Mai: Food at the market

While visiting the market I noticed the sheer choice of prepared foods – even though it was a small market, you could choose from lots of different ingredients and snacks. For instance, here are some bags with dried fruits and nuts.

Food market Chiang Mai 1

The peanuts with lime and chili are Monica’s favourite – and I believe, soon Patrick’s too.

Food market Chiang Mai 2

Here are some dried fish, waiting to be bought and added to a meal. I don’t really know if you can eat them as they are being sold, or if you use them as an ingredient for a recipe, but either way they look really nice (and don’t smell too strong).

Food market Chiang Mai 3

Lots of curry paste is also being sold at the market, for red, green and yellow curries:

Food market Chiang Mai 4

Of course, if you are hungry and just want a snack, you can just purchase one of the spicy sausages…

Food market Chiang Mai 5

… some fried vegetables…

Food market Chiang Mai 6

… or even some fried chicken heads. Tasty, eh?!

Food market Chiang Mai 7

Funnily enough, there were lots of firecrackers being sold at the market too. I assume that’s just because of the festival of the light, that was happening at the same time – I doubt that they will be sold every normal day.


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