Hong Kong

Chiang Mai: Colorful monks

Before travelling to Thailand I was visiting some blogs and reading about the different sites to visit.

Monks in Chiang Mai 1

One thing that stood out to me were the pictures of monks in their colorful orange and yellow robes…

Monks in Chiang Mai 2

They looked so beautiful and vibrant. Everywhere I went in Chiang Mai I saw those colorful robes. There were monks walking everywhere, doing their errands and just walking along the streets.

Monks in Chiang Mai 3

Of course, the majority of monks walked across temple grounds – which made for lovely, colorful pictures.

Monks in Chiang Mai 4

But we also saw quite a few during the evening celebrations of the Lantern Festival. They stood next to the decorated temples and watched the parades and lanterns.

Monks in Chiang Mai 5

And of course, today’s monks are modern and technology-savy too, so they had their cameras with them to also take pictures of the celebrations.

Monks in Chiang Mai 6

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